Project Warbird LLC Salvage/Restoration

Project Warbird LLC Salvage/Restoration


Project Warbird  Salvage/Restoration is located in South Carolina at the Anderson Regional Airport, in the general aviation hangars. I am working on preserving our aviation history one part at a time. I feel that our aviation history should be preserved for our future generations to learn from, and our past generations to be honored for. I search all over the country to find aviation projects and artifacts. I will look in every barn, garage, airport, open field and wooded area to find these items. The goal is to get these aircraft parts and artifacts to museums, restorers and collectors that will preserve them.

I welcome any help with my mission that you can provide.  Everyone knows that one guy down the road that has all that junk in his yard. If you know of someone that has aviation items, or you have some that you wish to part with, please let me know.

If you are working on an aircraft and need parts, please see my (Parts for sale or trade) page and see if there is anything you need. I look forward to helping you find the part you need.

Here at Project Warbird I also can:

Do complete restoration, from just parts to full aircraft.

Do complete experimental aircraft kit builds, (VANS RV) and more.

Aircraft maintenance, condition inspections, purchase inspections.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and will have fun seeing the aviation history that I’m trying to save.



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