Martin Hennessey’s project

Martin Hennessey’s project

One of the great things about finding parts and projects and finding them homes, is seeing where they go. I was able to help out Martin Hennessey in Dublin Ireland with his project. He is restoring a Studebaker license built R1820-97. It is believed that these where used on B-17’s. He is doing a beautiful job. I hope to find more parts that he needs for this project. Keep up the great work Martin.




Martin's 1820-97 01     Martin's 1820-97 02     Martin's 1820-97 03

Martin's 1820-97 04     Martin's 1820-97 06     Martin's 1820-97 07

Martin's 1820-97 08

4/3/2014    Today I received an update from Martin. He has most of the case back together and looking AWESOME!!! He is still looking for more items to finish out this project. So if anyone has any parts for this engine, please let me know. I know he needs a generator. This is where he left off for the winter. He is looking forward to getting back to work on it this spring. LOOKING GREAT MARTIN!!!!!

IMG_2492     IMG_2493     IMG_2494

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