Sean Barton’s Project

Sean Barton’s Project


This past month, I was able to help Sean Barton in Missouri. He is building a replica radio equipment shelving unit from a Martin B-26 Marauder bomber. I found a FT-213 radio rack for the SCR-269 radio compass system. This completed his radio compass system and now he is working to finish his RC-103 and ARN-5A instrument landing systems. He still needs to find MT-28, FT-292 and FT-293 mounts to finish up. Sean is a amateur radio operator and plans to have this system up and running to use for demonstrations. He is doing a great job and I wish him the best with his project. Thank you Sean for sharing your project with everyone.



IMG_2406     IMG_2396     IMG_2399

IMG_2400     IMG_2405     IMG_2401


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