About me

About me


Eric Miller

I was born in San Diego and grew up loving to visit The San Diego Air and Space Museum. During High school I started volunteering there working in the model department. After a year or so I started helping on the restoration of their Ford Trimotor. It was the first time I helped buck rivets. I was hooked. The aviation bug dug in deep. After high school I went into the US Navy and served in Desert Storm. I worked in the damage control department aboard USS America CV-66. After 4 years I left the Navy to become a fire fighter which was another passion of mine. After doing several years of that I had the itch to return to aviation. In 1997 I decided to go back to the San Diego Air and Space Museum to volunteer. Within a year I ended up buying my first Warbird project (North American SNJ-5) and started Project Warbird. Then I received my FAA certificate for airframe and powerplant and have been building and restoring aircraft since.




The first airplane I worked on, Ford Trimotor.



SNJ-5 project 030

My first Warbird project. North American SNJ-5.





I had an opportunity to do a funny commercial for WNC Flight school. Click on the this picture and enjoy.