SNB recovery 003

I search all over the country to find aviation projects and artifacts. I will look in every barn, garage, airport, open field and wooded area to find these items. The goal is to get these items to museums, restorers and collectors that will preserve them. Please look at my parts and see if there is anything you would like.

All parts have been salvaged and are being sold “as is” and not considered airworthy. It is up to the buyer to have a licensed inspector determine airworthiness.

Just click on the pictures and see what parts I have.


Let me know what you have.

I’m looking for Harvard MKII, Stearman

and Cessna L-19 parts.

 updated   1-05-2018

    Train_Cemetery_-_Uyuni_Railway_Scrap_Yard_-_Bolivia                                     6978064_f520                                     SNB-5 work 059

           Non aviation items                                                       Airframe parts                                           Instrument/radio/electrical parts

airplane-mechanic                                         IMG_0059                                      

 Firewall forward parts                                                      Propeller Parts                                            Landing gear,wheel and brake parts

jeep_boneyard_6in                                        vf-16_pilots_aboard_uss_lexington_cv-16_c_nov_1943

Military vehicle parts                                              clothing, patches and more


To make it easier for you to purchase and pay for your items I use Paypal.

Please contact me for shipping cost before you pay for your item.

Thank you.

Saving our aviation history one part at a time.